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Strange Little Bird: Two Rants for the Price of One

Two Rants for the Price of One

Number One. I’ve been meaning to rant about this one for several days, but unfortunately I’ve been frying bigger fish (or maybe I’ve just been sleeping – who cares).

Last week on Dateline (I was too lazy to get up and get the remote to change it to something better), they did this whole lame expose on iPod theft. Basically, they left a bunch of new iPods sitting around various locations, unattended, and waited for nature to take its course. News flash: PEOPLE STEAL STUFF!! And I’m not too sure I consider the people who took the bait iPods straight up thieves, either. Taking something out of someone’s car=stealing. Taking something left alone on a park bench=shame on the person who wasn’t more mindful of his crap. Anyway, that’s not the part that burns my cookies. The Dateline goons added some low tech spy program to their iPods and tracked down several of them post-disappearance. Good for them. But then they proceeded to dog Apple for not tracking down every stolen iPod since the beginning of time. Wait a minute – I don’t recall ever hearing about LG or Motorola helping a customer to track a stolen cell phone, or Canon taking any steps to retrieve a nabbed camera for a victim of theft. Could it be that this lovely Dateline piece aims only at vilifying Apple? Could this be because NBC and Microsoft are butt buddies??? Let’s develop some ability for critical thought, folks.

Number Two. I’ve been thinking of adopting another dog. Fosse’s been lonely since Binky left us. Curiosity has taken me to and to the websites of several area shelters and rescues. Much to my dismay, I’ve found that many of these rescues put more effort into screening potential pet parents than an adoption agency would for a human! Seriously, I’ve seen lengthy pre-screening applications. They want to know why you want a dog. They want to know about every pet you’ve ever had, how long you had it, and how it came to an end (I bet they’d love to read about my husband’s pet hamster that accidently found his way into the clothes dryer). They want personal references and a letter of reference from your vet. They want a description of your home and yard. They want a mini-bio of everyone living in your house. They want to know where you work and what hours. They want to know your activity level. If you rent, they want an affidavit from your landlord stating that your are allowed to have a pet, and maybe even a copy of the check with which you paid your pet deposit. And as if that wasn’t enough, THEY’RE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE FOR A “HOME VISIT.” I’m surprised they don’t want to know if your wear boxers or briefs!!

I am an exceptional pet owner. I love my dog more than anyone ever loved any dog. He has the best of everything and is happy and healthy. However, I don’t qualify to get a dog from most rescues because I work outside my home and therefore am gone too many hours a day. Brilliant. They beg for foster parents on their websites, but they won’t let good people adopt their animals. They speak of the ills of buying from a “back yard breeder” and extol the virtues of getting a pet from a rescue, but yet they won’t let you have one! How is that supposed to work? I think they should reconsider some of their “qualifications.” They’re missing out on some great homes for their charges.

Good night, and good luck. The world is a screwed up place.

Tuesday August 7, 2007

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