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Strange Little Bird: I Forgive You, Uncle Steve!!

I Forgive You, Uncle Steve!!

Dear Steve,

I found your letter today to the iPhone pioneers to be both encouraging and impressive! Thank you for listening to us, and for understanding that many of us were not concerned with a dollar amount, but with a perceived breech of trust.

I found your words impressive for several reasons. You, in your eloquent fashion, managed to apologize to us without ever admitting any wrong doing. It takes talent to get people on board with that kind of apology. Well done!

I was also impressed by your promise of a $100 Apple Store credit to the iScrewed crowd. I mean this with all sincerity – it is sheer genius that you figured out a way to give us some of our money back without losing any of it yourself. Next week we will trot on over and buy with our credits wireless keyboards and iPod Fatties and such, and likely we’ll each spend more than our $100, so I guess everyone wins. Good show!

In closing, I now have a renewed faith in Apple. I am comforted that you took the time to hear our concerns and act on them in a manner that benefited all parties. It’s a good feeling. A happy ending.



PS – Did you have this whole scenario in mind from the beginning? You can tell me, really! I’m good with secrets! Didn’t you know we would riot with torches and pitchforks, and then when you did the right thing that everyone would see that Apple really is awesome? You’re a brilliant man either way…

Thursday September 6, 2007

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