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Strange Little Bird: Things I'm already sick of hearing

Things I'm already sick of hearing

1.) “Sarah Palin did a great job with the debate – she didn’t fall on her face.”

I don’t believe managing to not crash and burn is a measure of excellence. Her performance was acceptable – free of major blunders, but certainly not outstanding. If people didn’t have an expectation for her to perform poorly, they would realize that she didn’t do well – she just did okay.

2.) “Joe Biden and Barack Obama think they’re better than us – they use too big words. I like Sarah Palin because she’s more like me.”

Fail. That very logic is faulty. I KNOW I am not qualified to lead this country – I want someone who is FAR more intelligent in charge. Why is intelligence suddenly a turn-off? Do we want blithering idiots in command??

3.)I’m also sick of people who are utterly uninformed about the election spouting off one flimsy reason for why they’re voting the way they are. I honestly have a co-worker who hates McCain (she wanted Huckabee on the ticket), but she’s very vocal that she’s voting for McCain/Palin “because Sarah Palin kept her special needs baby.” If you believe that she did the right thing, that is a reason to have personal respect for her action in that particular situation, not a reason to vote for an entire ticket you either don’t know anything about or don’t agree with.

I just wish people would think.

I heard a comment last that someone made about how scary it is that Biden and Obama both have very nice, white teeth. It was really hard for me to avoid pointing out that Biden probably didn’t order his dentures pre-stained. And suddenly having white teeth is disturbing to this person even though Palin is standing on the other side doing her pageant wave and winking at the camera?

I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you have educated yourself about ALL the options. If you’re going to go vote for one stupid reason, like Obama is black, Palin is a woman, McCain is old, or Biden’s dentures are too white, please stay home on election day.

Friday October 3, 2008

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